11-28-16 Things I Don't Like - Anderson Moore Kitchen & Bath
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11-28-16 Things I Don’t Like

I’m going to start by pointing out I am a positive person. I try to make all my statements in a positive manner. For example, I’ve read many times in letters or e-mails this statement – “Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.” To me, that’s a negative statement because you are saying “don’t hesitate”. I think saying “Please feel free to contact me with any questions” is a far more positive statement. I look at things like that all the time. I focus on how to say things in a positive manner.
Now that I have explained that about me, I’m going to have some fun. I am going to talk about things I do not like. Yep, I’m going negative today, but just for a minute or two.
I don’t like this thin, flimsy wrapping paper we will all be using in the next few weeks. I had to wrap my wife’s birthday gift with some of this junk and it ripped almost every time I tried to wrap it around the corners of the boxes. I ended up with lots of tape over all the trips instead. I sure wish we had some of that nice, thick wrapping paper from when I was younger.
I also don’t like these cheap bows that won’t stick to that cheap wrapping paper. Half the bows I put on gifts fall off.
Speaking of things that aren’t sticky, I don’t like this cheap duct tape you can buy in various stores. I think it sticks about as well as those bows I just mentioned. I can guarantee that all duct tape is not created equal.
I don’t like cheap tools, either. When I use a screw driver and the tip breaks, or a hammer handle breaks, I realize I’m getting what I paid for. I didn’t pay much and I’m not getting much.
I don’t like the fleece jackets or blankets you get at many discount stores. The only thing those things seem to do is leave fuzz balls all over my clothes when I wear or use that fleece. That stuff seems to shed more than a cat. And washing it doesn’t seem to solve the problem.
I don’t like most of the shows on HGTV, either. I’d get so frustrated and mad watching them that I quit watching them. Most of those shows deal with my industry, remodeling. The quantity of the work they do is unrealistic. The price of the work on those shows is completely unrealistic. And the quality of the work is pretty poor. It gives all of us trying to do the right thing in our industry a black eye. We’re guilty by association. We need to realize HGTV is entertainment and nothing else. It’s a far cry from reality.
So I guess I can summarize this by saying I get what I pay for because most of the things I don’t like are cheap and most of the things I do like are expensive and worth it.

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