11-9-16 Election Thought and some Best Of's - Anderson Moore Kitchen & Bath
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11-9-16 Election Thought and some Best Of’s

This is going to be a hodge podge of things…..

First, politics. The recent result of the Presidential elections is interesting.  And that about covers all I’ll ever say about politics.  I learned a long time ago to just skip that discussion, it can get people pretty wound up.

Second, I’ve talked about old school things quite often in this segment. This past weekend, I went on an 18 mile hike in the mountains of Tennessee.  It’s typical in our society to keep trying to make things better.  Most of the guys I went hiking with were wearing newer style hiking boots.  At the end of each day, they couldn’t wait to change to sandals or running shoes.  Those new style shoes, made with lots of man-made materials and rubber, hurt their feet.  I have a pair of all leather Danner hiking boots.  This style of boot has been made pretty much the same way for 40 years.  They are the most comfortable shoes I own.  On the hike this weekend, I only took them off when I went to sleep.  All those new designs in boots and none of them were as comfortable as the classic Danner boot I was wearing.  If you want a great pair of boots, get a pair of Danner Mountain Light II’s.

Now, that leads to some more of the best of things. Some of which came from my hike this past weekend.

The best pocket knife is a Swiss Army Cadet knife with the aluminum trim. It’s nice and thin so it fits well in your pocket, and it has a nail file on it as well, that’s always nice to have

The best fixed blade knife is the Kephart design. Horace Kephart designed this knife back in the late 1800’s and it is still a very nice, simple, and useful design. I had a guy in Alabama custom make me a Kephart knife and it’s awesome.

The best meal to make if you are out hiking or camping is some fresh baked bread. I made some baked croissant rolls and also some Blueberry muffins.  Now it’s rather difficult to do this out in the middle of the woods with a small hiking stove, but if you can figure out how to do it, that’s some really good food after carrying 40 pounds on your back for 10 miles.