2-9-17 Some fun "Best of's About Nothing" - Anderson Moore Kitchen & Bath
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2-9-17 Some fun “Best of’s About Nothing”

I’ve received some positive feedback regarding my Best Of comments, so I thought I’d discuss some more items I think are the best.
The best thing we can do individually is simply helping another person. The community in which I live is a small, rural community in Surry County. I belong to an organization called the Ruritan Club, it’s like the Civitan club, but just out in the rural areas of our country. All we do is raise money to give to those in need within our community. I heard a long time member (I think he’s been a member for over 45 years) describe the fundamentals of our Ruritan Club. It’s doing something for somebody else expecting nothing in return. Again, one of the best things we can do is to help another person, but I will add that we should expect nothing in return.
The best food ever made was a home-made chocolate chip cookie. I suppose the second best food ever made was chocolate chip cookie dough, but you probably should just stick with the cooked version. Make sure they’re warm, soft, chewy, and that you have a cold glass of milk with it, too.
The best form of communication is face to face. Not e-mail, text, or Facebook, but face to face. I’ve said this many times on the radio, – I always remember what my first boss told me – Never give up the opportunity to meet somebody in person. We need to keep that in mind as we see more and more technology come our way.
The best calculator I’ve ever used is a Texas Instruments TI-45. It got me through all my engineering classes and I used it so much I wore off all the numbers on the keys. A close second is also a Texas Instruments. It’s a TI-84 Plus. It can do both scientific calculations and time value of money calculations. It was hard to find on calculator to do both. Also, many of the business calculators don’t do math properly. You’re supposed to do multiplying and dividing before adding and subtracting. Most regular calculators don’t do it properly. Rather than trying to explain this on the radio, I’ll put an example on our website to prove my point. But, just to let you know, a lot of calculators can give you the wrong answer if you’re not careful.
The best T-shirts are the Hanes Beefy T’s. I’ve been wearing them for years and they’re great.
The best college sports team in North Carolina ——- is the one you like. I bet you thought I was going to say something Duke or NC State or Wake. I tricked you on that one.
To stay warm in cold weather, the best product is good quality down. That stuff is amazing. Mother nature has figured it out. There are no man-made products that work as well as down. It is soft, fluffy, and extremely warm.