4-5-17 8 Design Ideas Our Clients Have - Anderson Moore Kitchen & Bath
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4-5-17 8 Design Ideas Our Clients Have

Today I’m going to discuss 8 items clients are looking for in bathrooms and kitchens.
Number 1 – Having an open floor plan. This has been around a while and isn’t fading. Homeowners are looking for connected spaces that allow visibility and interaction across the living areas
Number 2 – Making it pop with color. Whites and grays are still popular in baths and kitchens, but our clients are starting to venture outside of this color palette. We’re seeing more and more people choosing to go with a different color for the island cabinetry or even having the base cabinets be a different color than the wall cabinets. People are taking more risks in experimenting with color for easily replaced items
Number 3 – Storage. This one has nothing to do with aesthetics, it’s about added functionality. Increased storage is probably our single most common request. A walk-in pantry is great because it doesn’t have to be all neat and organized and you can hide a lot of stuff in there.
Number 4 – Lighting. The regular incandescent overhead lights are being replaced with newer fixtures. Clients are choosing LED lighting and other fixtures that are kind of like jewelry, where they’re a focal point. Undercabinet lighting is a great form of task lighting. Whatever lighting is selected, the ability to customize what’s on and off is preferred
Number 5 – Flooring. Homeowners are looking to add a bit of luxury underfoot. Hardwood and high quality tile are the materials of choice, with customers particularly interested in bigger plank widths, large format tiles, and broader color and finish options. Graphic tile is also gaining popularity
Number 6 – Different hardware finishes. We used to keep these finishes consistent to avoid the appearance of clashing. Now, homeowners are willing to mix it up and are open to more finishes than ever before. New metal finishes include satin brass, rose gold, a black stainless steel.
Number 7 – Tiling – Tile presents an opportunity for homeowners to go with a bold look whether it’s the color, the sheen, or the shape. Patterned tile or tiles that come in other shapes besides square and rectangular are popular. Expect to see geometric shapes and patterns continue to grow.
Number 8 – The shower area – As I’ve mentioned before, the question is still around – “Does a master bathroom really need a tub?” This question is asked all over the country. Since many people don’t use their tubs, they’re opting to remove them altogether and create a larger, more luxurious shower. If clients do want a tub in the master bath, the most asked for tubs are the free-standing tubs.