9-8-16 The Best Of.... - Anderson Moore Kitchen & Bath
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9-8-16 The Best Of….

Today I thought I’d have a little fun, I’m doing my own version of the “Best of”.

The best sport is golf. For me, I don’t think golf is my favorite sport, but it is the best sport. I can play golf with my 8 year old son or my 77 year old neighbor. I can play it with a professional or a bunch of my friends and it’s fun. I can’t play basketball too well with my 8 year old son or against an NBA player, but golf, you can play with any person at any age and at any skill set.

The best game I ever watched was the 1980 Olympic Hockey team winning against the Russians. I remember those emotions to this day.

The best song is American Pie by Don McClean. Now people have lots of opinions when it comes to music, but I’ve always liked that song.

The best athlete was Jim Thorpe. He did everything well. He won Olympic gold medals in the pentathlon and decathlon. He also played profession football, baseball, and basketball. Try to find somebody that can do that today.

The best car is the Chevrolet Corvette. I don’t think any other car brings more nostalgia to the American public than a Corvette. People always seem to turn their heads when one rolls by. And the older, the better.

The best chili you can buy at a restaurant is at Wendy’s. I’ve gone to many restaurants and tried to find a good bowl of chili, but they never seem to be better than Wendy’s.

The best pancakes have to be my mom’s, of course. She uses a recipe from her Swedish parents. They’re not thick and fluffy like American pancakes, they’re thin. We put melted butter on them and add either maple syrup or cinnamon sugar. Then we roll them up. Not as healthy as a bowl of fruit, but far more tasty.

The best tool would be a cordless drill. I prefer an 18 volt drill that has an automatic brake. The brand I recommend is DeWalt, but there are other good brands.

The best football team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. I just like their consistency. They’ve had three coaches since 1969. That’s almost 50 years and they’ve had three coaches.

The best tape measure is a Stanley Fat Max. It’s nice, strong, and not all flimsy like many other tape measures.

The best book I’ve read this year was called Unbroken. It was a book about Louie Zamperini. He was a World War II prisoner of war. It chronicled the hardships he had to endure, but in the end it’s truly a book about forgiveness. He forgave all of his captors. It really made me think about life.
The best pen I use is a Uni-bal Vision Elite .5 mm pen. Yep, I’m particular about my pens and this one’s great. Writes well, the cap stays on, and it clips to my shirt well.

The best coffee is somebody else’s. I don’t like coffee and I don’t drink it.

I hope you enjoyed my best of’s. More to come later……