DreamMaker® helps active retirees realize dream kitchen - Anderson Moore Kitchen & Bath
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DreamMaker® helps active retirees realize dream kitchen

“I wouldn’t have done anything different,” says Dolores Rider about her kitchen renovation by DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Winston-Salem, a division of Anderson-Moore Builders, Inc. 

Although the couple liked the house, they were not crazy about what Dolores describes as the 1980s look of the kitchen. They knew they wanted to overhaul the kitchen, but were uncertain which remodeling company to hire.

“Since we were new to the area, we did not have the database of local knowledge that comes with living in the area for several years,” Dolores explains.
When the time came to renovate, the Riders relied solely on recommendations and word-of-mouth to fi nd a reputable contractor. After speaking to fellow Master Gardeners while volunteering at The Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem’s Triad Home & Garden Show, the couple heard about DreamMaker. The positive recommendations were enough to convince the couple to hire the company.

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