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New Technology Ideas for Your Home

I thought I would write about some new technology that we can all use in our homes.

The first one is the Chamberlain MyQ Garage door opener.  Just like lots of other devices, this is controlled through your smart phone.  You no longer have to go hunting through your car for the garage door remote control, you just have to use your phone.  The company will also provide geofencing capabilities.  This means the system will sense when you are near your home and automatically open your garage door.  After you are safely inside, it will also close the door for you.  This will work on nearly every garage door opener from all the major brands manufactured after 1993

Here is a cool one – Old School with a little bit of high tech thrown in – It’s the Belkin WeMo Smart Slow Cooker.  It is a crock pot that you control with your smart phone.  You can adjust the crock pot’s setting from anywhere, receive reminders, change the cook time, adjust cooking temperatures, or check the status of your dish so you can come home to a perfectly cooked meal.  A smart phone crock pot.

The next one is a humidity monitor.  I get asked a lot about mold or mildew in the bathroom.  One of the key things to get rid of mildew is to get the moisture out.  This unit will automatically measure the humidity levels in your bathroom to turn your exhaust fan on or off, as needed.  It simply replaces the current light switch you use to control your exhaust fan.

Lastly, a company called Nest makes two neat devices.  The first has been out for a while.  It is a Nest Thermostat.  Once installed, it learns your patterns on when you raise or lower the temperature in your house. You can do this manually using the Nest Device. After a week or so, it will automatically control the temperature in your house based on what it has learned from you.  Nest also sells a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector that’s one unit.  Rather than that annoying beeping sound and you trying to figure out which of the 10 units in your house is beeping, the Nest will use actual clear words to tell you.  If you burn your toast, you can simply wave your hand in front of it, and it will shut itself up.  It can also text you to tell you if it’s batteries are low or if there is a problem in your home.

Erik Anderson, DreamMaker NC

Erik Anderson is the Vice President of DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen. He and Tracy have been remodeling beautiful homes throughout Winston-Salem since 1996. Erik was the President of The Winston-Salem Home Builders Association as well as the North Carolina Home Builders Association. Erik has chaired numerous committees at the local, state, and national levels. He has also participated as a subject matter expert for the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors. He has written numerous articles for magazines across the country. Erik sits on the Board of Directors for Builders Mutual Insurance Company and is the Corporate Secretary for Builders Mutual.