One broken step leads to DreamMaker® remodel - Anderson Moore Kitchen & Bath
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One broken step leads to DreamMaker® remodel

Renovating your home is a choice, but sometimes the decision is made out of necessity. That was the case for Dr. Burton Reifler and wife Frances, whose renovation projects started with a broken step.

It began one day when Mrs. Reifler was taking out the trash. .

As she descended the stairs of her home’s wooden deck, a step broke underneath her foot. The potentially dangerous situation prompted the couple to replace the wooden deck with a solid deck. Realizing the large scope of the project, they looked to professionals for the job.

Residents of Winston-Salem since 1987, the Reiflers knew the name DreamMaker was synonymous with quality.

“We knew about (DreamMaker) and their good reputation from friends and neighbors,” says Frances. With that in mind she hired the company for the project.

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