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Transitional Kitchens

Transitional Style: How to Get the Best of Two Different Worlds

Transitional style fuses the minimalist elegance of contemporary styles and the familiarity of traditional styles.

Striking the perfect balance between the excitement of what the future holds and comfort of what the past has given, transitional style gives you the best of two different worlds.

Before DreamMaker Bath RenovationIf you appreciate elements of contemporary and traditional decor, this design juxtaposition of the transitional style may work well for you and your home. While transitional style is grounded in historical design the trend is only a little more than 50 years old. Over the last few decades, the uptick in demand for the transitional style has been underpinned by the strong influence of contemporary interiors.

Colors rely on simplicity for a clean, calm feel, while discretion is used with accessories, window treatments and styling. Fabrics are rich in texture and can range from ultraseudes, pliable leather, nubby chenilles and corduroy.

When it comes to furniture, each piece takes care to accent the sophistication of design with an unassuming, yet sufficient presence; and ornamentation and decoration rest on the philosophy that “less is more.” Both the gentle curves and coziness of traditional décor and the sleek, straight lines that define contemporary décor work together for a comfortably transitional interior.
With the ageless characteristic of the transitional style you are free to keep that which is familiar to you and make changes indefinitely to reflect current trends.

Transitional style represents a merger between variety and familiarity, warmth and sophistication, tradition and a fresh outlook.