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AndersonMoore Kitchen & Bath was recently awarded the Guildmaster Award for exceptional service. GuildQuality, an independent customer service surveying company, has powered the Guildmaster Award since 2005 to celebrate service excellence in the building, remodeling, contracting, and home services professions.

We were recognized by GuildQuality for our superior delivery of customer care. We achieved a recommendation rating in many areas of 100% from our customers who were surveyed through GuildQuality.

Our entire team works very hard to provide a superior level of customer satisfaction, from the initial contact with our client until well after the project is completed. We owe this recognition to our entire AndersonMoore team.

What Our Customers Say

Dust & Dirt Control0%
Post-Job Clean Up0%
Problem Resolution0%
Professional & Organized0%
Easier Than Expected0%
Construction Quality0%
Original Design0%
Likely to Recommend0%
Selections Process0%
Site Security0%

     Review by R.H.A. of Winston-Salem, NC
AndersonMoore of Winston-Salem is the “A-Team” when it comes to renovation and remodeling. My wife and I could not be ANY happier with the end result of our “Dream Kitchen” project! The entire process was smooth and well-organized. There were the inevitable “speed bumps” and the AndersonMoore team handled them without complaint or excuses. This is how renovation/remodeling should be done. We HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone considering a home renovation.

     Review by Angie M. of Winston-Salem, NC
We are relatively new to home owning and especially to home renovations. We spoke with three different contractors prior to selecting AndersonMoore, and we are very thankful we went with their group. From the research beforehand, the estimate and selection, and the execution, they were extremely well-organized and professional. They took the time to answer our questions rather than brushing them off, helped us work within a budget and a timeframe, and were the most communicative service company we’ve encountered (including other high-cost, high-risk endeavors like wedding planning or home purchasing). The slightly higher cost for their services in comparison to some in the area was well worth the quality of the experience and the craftsmanship.

     Review by Jack C. of Winston-Salem, NC
We chose AndersonMoore primarily because they combined both design services and construction, giving them full responsibility for every aspect of the job. They excelled in both areas. We are very pleased with our final design and the construction process could hardly have gone any better, largely because of the excellent project manager, James Colston.

     Review by Pam D. of Winston-Salem, NC
We love It was so easy to work with AndersonMoore of Winston-Salem. Every contractor was professional and very efficient. The quality of the work was excellent and we are very pleased with the outcome.